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Add 4 Related Posts Below Every Blogger Post Using Linkwithin Widget

Hello, today I am going to teach you a tutorial about how to add 4 related posts below every blogger post using a very useful widget. See that below my posts? There are 5 related posts. Don’t worry, you can change the number of posts by yourself later.

1.  Go this Linkwithin website. Enter your email and blog URL. Select the number of stories as 4 stories.

2. Choose Other as your platform. And click get widget. You’ll get a code.

3. Now, you must copy down JUST the site ID. It’s better for you write it down or just leave the website open like that.

4. Copy the code below and paste it before < /body > in your template. It’ll look like this.

2var linkwithin_site_id = SITE ID NUMBER;
3linkwithin_text='YOUR CUSTOM PHRASE';
4< /script>;
5< script src="">script>;
6<a href=""><img src="" alt="Related Posts with Thumbnails" style="border: 0" />a>;

7 < /b ody>

5. Put your site ID in ‘SITE ID NUMBER’. 

6. You can change the ‘Your Custom Phrase’ to ‘Related Posts’ or ‘You Might Also Like’.

7. The related posts will usually appear above labels, and comments links. Since I prefer it to appear after the labels like in my blog here, so I put the highlighted line below after this line < b:include data='post' name='post'/ >. It’ll look like this:

  1. < b:include data='post' name='post'/ >
 2.  < div class="linkwithin_div">

Preview your blog template first before you save it. If nothing’s wrong, then it’s DONE^^
Reminder: There are no empty spaces between the code. Since this is my first tutorial, I don’t how to make it to appear properly in my post. The error keeps coming out. So I forced to put empty space between the codes to make it appear in the post. I am sorry for the inconvenience.

Try to Recover Files From Formatted Hard Disk

Today my hard disk announced died. Of course I am furious and panicked. There are many important documents and files inside. I couldn’t even open my hard disk. Finally, I was forced to format my hard disk. Well, what can I do? If I don’t format it, I can’t use it. I should have save a copy of all my files. But the problem is, my files are more than 400GB. It’s impossible for me to save a copy in my laptop. And I can’t afford to buy another 500GB hard disk. Human are human. We regret it when we didn’t do it earlier. Now I am thinking, why I didn’t save a copy earlier? It was still okay this morning.  

Then, an idea came into my mind. I will search online to look for solution to recovery files from formatted hard disk. Yeah, I found many software for me to recovery files. But I don’t know which the better one to use. For the time being, I am reading some articles on how to recovery Data even when hard disk is damaged and many others. One of the program recommend seems to be effective. One of the visitors said he manage to recover most of his data by using the program. I am going to try it later. I will post the result later whether the program can save my data or not. 

Here is the recommended software, Ddrescue. If this software can save my day, I’ll be very happy indeed.

Onigiris - Japanese rice balls Emoticons


Onigiri emoticon is cute, isn't it? You can put them to your blog and make it more attractive. Please go here to get them. There are more cute emoticons at this website. Yes, MORE.

Japanese Emoticons (Anime Emoticons)

(n_n) smile
(._.) uh..oh
(-_-) sick, sleepy,tired
(;_;) tears
(T_T) cry, sad
(@_@) dizzy
(O_O) amazed
(*^*) astonished
(>_<) ouch
(^_^) happy
*(^O^)* happier
(^O^) glad
(¬_¬) mad
(¬_¬”)pissed off
(X_X) dead
(=_=) boring
(*-*) I love it
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